Valentine’s Day and the unorganized mom

February 14, 2012

So I’ll admit…I haven’t exactly gotten this whole mom of three thing down yet.  When the baby was six weeks old, my son started Kindergarten and my daughter started preschool a couple days a week.  Between his homework, her little projects she needs to bring in, and the baby attached to my hip I haven’t quite been the most organized person for the last seven months!

I found some really cute Valentine’s ideas on Pinterest for the kids to take to their classmates, but of course being unorganized I didn’t plan enough in advance to get any of those cute ideas done.  This past weekend was super busy and we didn’t have time to go to the store in search of store-bought Valentines.  Then comes Monday morning, and it’s pouring down rain and freezing cold.  Of course my procrastination led to me being forced to go out in that yucky weather the day before Valentine’s Day to get my kids something for their parties.

Thankfully Pinterest and my random stash of crafting supplies ended up coming through for me.  Although I didn’t have time to do the more involved ideas I had saved, I was able to help the kids do these simple Valentines.

It’s just a toilet paper tube bent into the shape of a heart and used like a stamp.  Everyone has one of those laying around!  I didn’t even have to let my three year old unroll one all over the house, there was an empty one waiting on the holder for me….because you know no one replaces those things.  Ha!  I tried to get her to stamp hearts all over in pink and red, but her idea was apparently to meticulously stamp three pink hearts across each card.

Here is the info on how to make a heart stamp out of toilet paper tube – heart stamps from Rust & Sunshine

Maybe the stores do have it right when they start putting the Valentine’s stuff out before Christmas!  Next year I’ll aim to plan ahead a little better, but the kids had a lot of fun making these, signing their names, and taping a lollipop to it.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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